Dec 01, 2015

What’s Trending in the Temp Market – Q4 of 2015

At DCR TrendLine, we’re always honing in on what’s trending in anything to do with non-employee worker supply and demand. This month, we’re presenting our quarterly view of pivotal trends in key talent sectors of the staffing industry and human resource management.


For over two decades, Microsoft PowerPoint has remained the standard presentation tool for companies around the world. But in 2015, demand for PowerPoint skills was down 5 percent on Upwork, while projects on dynamic presentation platforms such as Prezi and Keynote grew by 23 percent and 18 percent, respectively. The site also saw a 115 percent increase in demand for Adobe After Effects and motion graphic skills. Throughout the corporate world, static presentations are being replaced by motion graphics, and video is becoming a preferred presentation medium over images and infographics.


Traditionally leaders have been selected based on experience and company loyalty, but those leading some of today’s largest and most prominent organizations are not necessarily those who have spent the most time at the company. This is because over the past few years, the nature of management has been changing. Most companies, even large ones, are much less hierarchical and less top-down in their execution than they used to be. Leaders are starting to realize that they have to be more inspirational and more collaborative. Throughout the United States, companies are revolutionizing the traditional approach to performance management and performance appraisals, and implementing systems to provide feedback.


Recently, many organizations have realized that analytics, algorithms, big data, and automation are able to enhance productivity and decision-making, which also leads to automating and removing tasks previously performed by humans. Organizations and talent leaders have started to transition some tasks to machines or robots, and in doing so HR is being required to focus on the opportunities cognitive technologies offer through collaboration between people and machines to make companies more efficient and productive. This trend also influences organizations to consider external partnerships to augment capabilities beyond their regular workforce, and to create workforce transitions that maintain their reputation as a fair and attractive place to work.

”It’s true that video is becoming the new medium. It’s sort of replacing photos, slowly. Little by little, videos are catching up.” ~ Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte