Apr 01, 2014

What’s Trending in the Temp Market? Q2 of 2014

At TrendLine, we’re always focused on what’s trending in anything to do with contingent workers supply and demand. This month, we are introducing a new quarterly section that focuses on consolidating our research into a list of critical trends in key talent sectors of the staffing industry.


Aggressive talent sourcing and cultivation is going to be the focus of the staffing industry over the coming months. Industry practitioners will be busy dealing with concerns that arise from skill gaps in the market and H-1B limitations to sourcing international talent, to focus on developing effective recruiting teams and processes.


As we discussed in last month’s edition of TrendLine (TrendLine – March 2014), the demand for temp worker in the healthcare industry is growing rapidly. Staffing agencies are going to look for ways to increase their speed and flexibility to meet this need, while also dealing with increasing healthcare worker loyalty and happiness (see our article on temp worker happiness in this issue).


Staffing Industry Analysts estimates that the online staffing industry will grow to $46 billion by 2020. Conventional staffing industries are looking at ways to incorporate online staffing in their business models, as more and more workers increase their comfort with bidding for contingent work online. 

“Talent. Talent. Talent is the key. Finding a sufficient number of consultants in high-demand skill sets to meet client demand represents one of the professional staffing industry’s greatest challenges.” ~Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance