August 01, 2016

Top Trends in HR Tech

In 2016, HR has risen to the challenge of taking a more active role in driving user adoption of HR and talent management technology. As the year progresses, here are the top trends we expect to see in the HR technology space.

Focus on Implementation

Savvy HR executives are starting to realize that the bells and whistles found in technology are not necessarily the best measure of how effective an HR technology can be for their organization. Rather, they’re starting to focus on whether the technology will be simple to implement and if their employees will be able to actually adopt the technology and use it to its full capability. Ultimately, HR teams are partnering with their IT departments to deconstruct the technology options available to its core deliverables, in order to determine if the product is worth the effort and expense. After all, what is the use of investing time, money, and resources into a technology that no one will use?

Shift from Quantity to Quality

Along the same lines, HR leaders are discovering that the quantity or volume of features available in a technology is not necessarily the same as finding a technology solution that is a perfect match to the organization and it’s style of doing business. For the rest of the year and going into 2017, HR departments will not be focusing on how innovative a technology is, but rather if the technology makes sense for their business.

Analytics is Key

While analytics and metrics have always been important, they are now becoming absolutely crucial to the HR function. HR departments want to be able to see what is happening across the organization in real-time, and have the ability to predict trends, opportunities, and threats. Not only are HR executives looking for tech tools that will allow them to back up their forecasts and strategies, but also for in-built analytics that will make them ask better questions and enable them to respond faster.

Social Still Matters

Social media has been discussed as an important trend in HR technologies for years, and it continues to be a key element of talent management, employer branding, and employee engagement. Organizations continue to look for technology tools that will allow them to leverage social media and social learning to source, engage, and retain talent.

Mobile is Necessary

As the world continues to grow even more global and mobile, HR has to also. To reach the right talent, it’s imperative for HR assets to be mobile-friendly in design and to provide a good user experience.