Mar 01, 2014

Top Ten Fastest Growing Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released their predictions of what will be the fastest growing jobs over the next decade. Overall expectations call for 15.63 million jobs to be created. Coming in at number one, with a median pay of $83,580 annually and a growth rate of 53% is industrial-organizational psychologists.

The expected growth in the healthcare sector, which is reflected in the number of healthcare positions on this list, is driven by the retirement of baby boomers and the recent passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The individual mandate that requires citizens to purchase health insurance will probably lead to more preventative visits, driving a greater demand for health services and health service professionals.

Another sector seeing growth is construction, where the expanding U.S. population will drive a higher demand for housing, creating opportunities for specialization within the industry. The 2014 Dodge Construction Outlook, a principal report for forecasting and business planning in the industry, predicts that U.S. construction starts will rise 9 percent this year. Single-family housing is expected to grow 26 percent, driven by the slower pace of foreclosures, rising home prices, and low mortgage rates. Similarly, commercial building will increase 17 percent, with warehouses and hotels leading the way. Public works construction will drop 5 percent as focus on deficit reductions limits federal support. Additionally, in its prediction of occupation levels, BLS ranks construction in third place for the quickest growth over the next ten years.

“The 2014 picture bears some similarity to what’s taking place during 2013, with single family housing providing much of the upward push.” ~Robert Murray, Vice President of Economic Affairs at McGraw Hill Construction