Jun 01, 2014

The Value of Transparency to Recruiting

A recent employee engagement study by TINYpulse, a company that provides a weekly survey related to how workers feel about their organizations’ culture, management, recognition, and co-workers to over 300 companies, revealed that transparency is the number one factor contributing to worker happiness. Over 40,000 workers were surveyed, and it was found that management transparency had a high correlation coefficient of .93 with employee happiness.

Since the cost of improving corporate transparency is low, many companies are increasingly using it as a tool to attract and retain top talent.

Transparency is becoming more important in the recruiting process as well. A survey of over 14,000 IT engineers by Glassdoor also found that transparency is the most valued aspect (81 percent of respondents ranked it as the highest factor) of the recruiting process, where candidates want to know the positives and negatives of the companies and jobs being considered.

Social media has played a part in driving up the value of workplace transparency. Through social networks, people are sharing a lot of information. Just as they share activities on Facebook, post photos and reviews on TripAdvisor, and rate dining experiences on Yelp, people are now reviewing jobs and companies on sites such as Glassdoor. Workplace transparency is becoming a major selling point for companies looking to recruit top talent.

According to a survey of 17,500 candidates from The Candidate Experience Awards (CandEs), a research organization that specializes in improving candidate experience, over 50 percent of candidates are likely to tell their circle of friends about their experience of finding, researching, and interviewing for a job. A growing number go even further by sharing their experiences on blogs, social media, and job sites.

Relationship with Company Prior to Researching Them

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Source: CandES

Tips on Using Workforce Transparency for Recruiting

What Job Content is Made Available to Candidates Before they Apply?

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Source: CandES

 Getting recruiting right has a large impact on worker engagement, productivity and retention. With transparency being such a key element of the recruiting process from a candidate’s point of view, savvy HR organizations are developing strategies to incorporate more transparency into their sourcing plans.

  • Pretend to be a Candidate - Experience your recruitment and onboarding process as a candidate to truly learn what they go through and discover opportunities for improvement.
  • Be Aware - Know everything that is being said about your company and your jobs, by monitoring social media, news sites, and relevant websites, blogs and forums.
  • Know Your Audience - Identify your audience for each of your communication channels.
  • Have Well-Defined Job Descriptions - Present job information in a compelling manner but base it on real job requirements, so that employees do not feel deceived.
  • Develop a Social Recruiting Plan - Outline a plan of who you need to hire, when you need them to start, and where, and insert that message into the proper channels.
  • Increase Transparency about Compensation - Most candidates consider compensation to be an important element in their decision process, and this provides companies an opportunity for increased transparency by having accurate compensation conversations.
  • Establish a Formal Onboarding Process - Develop a structured and consistent onboarding process that incorporates transparency through communicating expectations to new hires.
  • Talk About Your Corporate Culture - Use your communication channels to talk about your organizational culture and talent brand by clearly discussing what makes you stand out as an employer.
  • Enable Transparency Among Your Workforce - Current workers are your biggest employer ambassadors, so listening to them enabling them to share your messaging will help to create and maintain transparency in the organization.

“Remember job seekers want information from employers, employees and all those in the know about what it’s like to work at a company before they make a career decision.” ~Lisa Holden, Employer Engagement Manager at Glassdoor.

“Every organization should be thinking about how they can be more transparent. It is one of the lowest to no cost initiatives to tackle right away. But of course it requires an ongoing commitment from management to be more transparent to the very people they so carefully brought on board. At the end of the day, to give is to get.” ~TINYpulse Engagement Survey 2013