Jul 01, 2016

The Most Important Jobs

When you continuously see the same postings on jobs boards, it might lead you think that these jobs are unpopular or unwanted. Maybe the employers who post them simply cannot find anyone to fill the position. However, the truth is actually the opposite, according to SmartRecruiters. The companies that post ads for these jobs that seem to linger for weeks believe that these positions are so important that they can never stop accepting applications and hiring talented candidates to fill them.

These job postings never go away because the need for new talent never goes away. 

Attracting and grabbing as much talent as is available on the market is part of a new strategy that SmartRecruiters has noticed from employers recently. This, combined with actively marketing to target candidates, is a way that companies are staying ahead of the talent economy.

“Hiring is less and less about people filling out a job application form and being tracked as applicants and (being told) ‘we’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted’. That’s the old way of hiring. The new way of hiring is that organizations realize that people are, in fact, the only long term differentiator between businesses. They start to market to the talent in ways that are closer to the way they market to their customers. This is what people have referred to as the ‘Talent Economy’.” ~Jerome Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters

The Jobs Employers Constantly Want to Fill

The Jobs Employers Constantly Want to Fill

Source: SmartRecruiters

“They leave those positions open and they try to hire as many people as they can. In the health sector and the tech sector, we’re seeing companies that are basically on the lookout for talent and they effectively hire every good candidate that they can find because their ability to grow their companies is limited by their ability to access talent.” ~Jerome Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters