Apr 01, 2015

The Happiest Industries

Does the industry you work in have any impact on the happiness of its workforce? Research conducted by TINYpulse in its 2015 Best Industry Ranking Report provides some interesting insights into the happiest industries in the United States.

The report found that there are two major factors that drive workplace happiness. The first is satisfaction with peers and colleagues; and the second is satisfaction with the nature of one’s individual projects. 

The industry with the happiest workers include construction and facilities services, followed by consumer products and services, and technology and software. The reasons attributed to those working in the construction industry being the happiest included working with great people, excitement about work and projects, a positive work environment, and professional growth. Following the Great Recession, the construction industry has been growing, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projecting 1.6 million new construction jobs by 2022.

“This is an industry that has many walks of life with people working in an office to people out on site. One thing that unites everybody at the end of the day is kicking back a little with a few beers and talking stuff out –the good and the bad. If people have an issue, they will come see a manager during office hours, but sometimes the best environment is when people can relax a bit and just have a drink alongside a manager.” ~Jay Walter, General Manager of JWH Group

Meanwhile, the biggest driver of dissatisfaction was having unsupportive managers. Nearly half, or 49 percent of employees, said a negative relationship with their supervisor factored in their overal dissatisfaction. Another 26 percent of employees say they are frustrated by the lack of tools they could use to do their jobs better, and 66 percent of employeees feel that they do not have strong opportunities for professional growth. In contrast, in the construction industry, many organizations offer coaching and career mentorship to students, and also provide new workers with apprenticeships.

Happiest Industry Rankings

Happiest Industry Rankings

Source: TINYpuls

“These findings are remarkable because they show me that any leader – no matter the industry that they’re in – has the power to make workplace changes to materially impact job satisfaction” ~David Niu, Founder and CEO of TINYpulse