July 01, 2013

The Global Employment Sentiment

Unpredictability of economic conditions, impact from talent shortages, and the mismatch in required skills and skill availability are all weighing on the minds of employers across the world.

In 17 countries, including Spain, Greece and the United States, hiring intentions strengthened as compared to the previous quarter. 

Hiring intentions remained unchanged in four economies and weakened in 21, including France, China and India.

Asia-Pacific is expected to grow across all eight countries, despite India reporting its weakest forecast in eight years and China’s outlook is also at its weakest since Q1 of 2010.

Europe has a mixed employment sentiment, with southern Europe facing major employment challenges.  Overall, uncertainty reigns in Europe, as the French economy slips into recession, with Sweden reporting its first negative forecast in four years, and Belgium is at its weakest in over three years. Greece, however, is showing signs of improvement for the fourth consecutive quarter, despite reporting negative hiring intentions, and the United Kingdom is cautiously optimistic with the strongest hiring report since Q3 2008.

U.S. employers in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico have reported positive hiring plans.