• Total temporary worker engagement has increased more than total private employment month-over-month
  • Temp employment is not in sync with the rise in temporary workforce hourly wages since September 2012
  • Temp employment increased by 13,600 (Sept-2012 to Oct-2012) and 18,2400 (Oct-2011 and Oct-2012)


December 01, 2012

Temp Wages: Not in Sync with Temp Employment


Total Private

Total Temp







Total temporary worker engagement has increased many times more than the total private employment month over month and also year over year. Risk mitigation, performance, time, and flexibility are the key driving factors for an increased demand in temporary employment.

Temp wages

Since the rise in temporary employment is a good economic indicator spread over 26.7% of the total professional and business services, it is not in sync with the rise in temporary workforce hourly wages till September 2012. But from September onwards, both trend lines are making an upward swing, mainly because of increased demand for high-skilled temporary workforce in IT-related jobs.  The National Emergency Grant increment to continue funding up to 69 temporary jobs for eligible workers to assist with cleanup and recovery efforts in Bastrop County, Texas, following wildfires in 2011 also compensated for increased volume as well as increased average wages.

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