November 01, 2013

Temp Hiring to Grow in Q4

The holiday season always calls for an increase hiring of temporary workers. As we discussed earlier in this issue of TrendLine, major retailers are already planning on increasing their staffs in stores and warehouses in anticipation of meeting increased consumer demand and volume. 

A survey by CareerBuilder found that 39 percent of retail hiring managers plan to hire seasonal workers this year. The National Retail Federation estimates that 720,000 temp workers will be hired, and already almost half of that is comprised of planned hiring by the major retailers in the graph below:

Major Hiring of Temp Workers by Retailers

According to CareerBuilder’s fourth-quarter 2013 U.S. job forecast, 32 percent of hiring managers plan to bring in temporary staff in the fourth quarter of 2013. Some employers, 22 percent, expect to transition their temporary workers into permanent employees in the quarter.

Another survey of 158 hiring managers found that 10 percent of the respondents planned to increase their expanded workforces in Q4.  In the manufacturing sector, a report by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 52.3 percent of employers planned to add staff in October.

The overall hiring rate in Q4 of 2013 is expected to remain stable with 25 percent of employers planning to add full-time, permanent headcount. Several industries are expected to outpace the national average for companies hiring, including information technology, financial services and manufacturing.