Oct 01, 2013

Temp Employment: A Move Towards Happiness

A study by the University of West England, the University of Bath and AUT University in New Zealand, has discovered a strong link between worker job dissatisfaction and their decision to choose temporary employment. The research showed that those workers who had switched to temporary work in the year of being interviewed were 76% more likely to suffer from high levels of anxiety.

“So poor mental health is not a consequence of becoming a temporary worker, but a good predictor of workers who will move to temporary employment in the future. We also found that lying behind this poor mental health was dissatisfaction with their existing permanent job.” ~Dr. Gail Pacheo, AUT University

This research goes a long way to refute the popular claims that temporary workers generally have higher levels of job dissatisfaction. If over three-quarters of recently transitioned temporary workers are already dissatisfied entering the temporary workforce, it holds to reason that poor mental health is not a direct result of temp work but rather carried over from their previous permanent employment.

A survey by the Department of Labour of New Zealand found that 81% of temporary workers were satisfied or very satisfied with their job. Only six percent of temp workers said that they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied, while five percent of permanent workers claimed the same.

With the changing demands of the workforce, where job flexibility and autonomy are topping the priority list, temporary employment may offer workers higher job satisfaction and happiness.

Temp Work Offers Many of the Key Factors of Job Satisfaction

Temp Workers

“Temporary employees were slightly more satisfied with their work-life balance than permanent employees…Among temporary workers, those who worked for a temporary employment agency rated their work life balance most highly.” ~Department of Labour, New Zealand