October 01, 2012

Social Media Usage Across Geography

Apart from wide exposure, trust in professional and social media through networking with the right people is becoming the user mantra for making the optimum use of Social Media. In 2012, usage of online social profiles increased by 10% from 6% in 2011.

Facebook, with its large user volume and popularity, is an instrumental tool for recruiters conducting background checks, and candidate references.

More than 50% of recruiters do not use personal online information from social media portals for candidate judgment. Targeting specific set of skills in passive candidates, company branding and visibility are the key benefits and attraction of social media.

Agency recruiters have a greater presence in all social platforms as compared to corporations.

Warehouse, aerospace, and telecommunication are among the top 10 industries posting jobs on Facebook in the U.S.A, and these skills are widely used in big industries. But keeping in view the usage of Facebook by big companies recruiters, these skills might be used by small and medium type support industries.