Procurement Trends

Not Just a Solution, a Partnership

Successful companies know that to gain a competitive edge it is important to build strategic......

Nov 01, 2017

Some Industry Definitions

In a niche industry such as the one we operate in, it’s often easy to take for granted that......

Nov 01, 2017

What Three Things Should CPOs Be Concerned With? - October 2017

Procurement is becoming an increasingly important function of any business, especially in......

Oct 01, 2017

Supply Chain Trends to Watch

Technological disruption in today’s world is transforming most industries and functions. For......

Sep 01, 2017

Best-of-Choice Solutions for Procurement

The debate between a best-of-breed versus an integrated solution has been going on for quite a while......

Aug 01, 2017

P2P vs. S2C vs. SRM

Over the past two decades, procurement has become a vital part of corporate strategy. The importance......

Jul 01, 2017

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