Aug 01, 2012

Online Search – How and When Job Seekers Search for Temporary Jobs?

Job-hunting moved online just before Gen Y joined the workforce. While that is not new information, there is growing evidence now on when, what, and how Gen Y uses the web to look for temporary jobs.

When: Weekends for the hunt and Seasonality

The seasonal nature of job searching is too prominent to be missed. As can be seen from adjoining search trends, temporary job hunts peak over the week-end and drops sharply by mid-week, as likely explained by availability of free time coupled with a desire to submit an application by the start of the work week.

Summer and holiday season demand show spurts in search for temp jobs. Mid-year, in summers, the demand for temporary jobs rises to a peak in June-July, before a downhill journey to pick up again in the holiday season. The last weekend of each month also shows bursts in search behavior likely due to monthly nature of contracts, starting and terminating at month beginning and end respectively.

What: Sharp focus yields results

Over time, search keywords have become focused. What started as search for “temporary jobs” in the 1990s gave way to “temp jobs”, then “temp agencies”, and more closely in recent times to “manpower jobs” and “monster jobs”.

What to expect?

The peak for temporary job demand in the current year has possibly just passed us by. Through the end of May and a good June/July period, the demand has sustained through the summers. It is unlikely to remain as such further and is expected to decline. While that may be true on the demand side, the availability for temporary jobs is expected to increase, resulting in rise in wages till the holiday season.

“We’ve slowed down on, I think, the very simple and logical premise that if we’re going to engage in significant reductions in the workforce in January it’s imprudent to bring people on for six months.” ~Robert Stevens, Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin