Oct 01, 2013

LinkedIn Remains Top Choice for Employers

Recruiters are increasingly turning to social sourcing channels to fulfill their talent needs. Similar to marketers, recruiters are using social networks as a key tactic in a multi-channel strategy to find leads and cultivate them to hire. Social networks provide a great platform to finding the right candidate just in time. Across social channels, as a part of the hiring process, recruiters look to discover information on candidates, looking at LinkedIn for professional experience, tenure, hard skills, recommendations and education, and at Facebook and Twitter for cultural fit and industry influence.

Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey for 2013 revealed that while Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter remain the top choices for finding talent, recruiters are also utilizing channels such as blogs, YouTube, GitHub, Yammer and Instagram. However, LinkedIn is still the most widely used social platform, with 94% of survey respondents considering it their top network for recruiting.

Planned for recruiting

Source: Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey for 2013

For those who have implemented social recruiting, they have seen strong returns with 33% reporting improved time to hire, 49% reporting better quality of candidates and 43% reporting a higher quantity of candidates.

The study found that 94% of recruiters surveyed currently use or plan to use social media in their recruiting efforts, and 78% of those using social media have hired through it.

“43% [of recruiters] spend less than $1000/month on social recruiting, but 60% estimate the value of their hires through those channels as greater than $20k/year. 20% estimate it as greater than $90k per year.” ~Jobvite, Social Recruiting Survey Results 2013