Intelligence Trends

Current Hiring Statistics to Consider

When talent acquisition departments begin a recruiting campaign, they have many things to focus on......

Oct 01, 2016

From Insight to Action

For years, predictive analytics has dominated the spotlight for analytics, overshadowing......

Jul 01, 2016

The Strategic Recruiting Metrics That Matter

Most recruiting leaders today use mainly tactical or operational metrics when measuring their......

Mar 01, 2016

What’s Trending in Business Intelligence?

The business intelligence (BI) landscape is in flux. Big Data, cloud services, predictive analytics,......

Mar 01, 2016

Discover the Diamond in the Rough

It’s a commonly believed myth that big data is something that is only a technology issue or......

Feb 01, 2016

A Glossary of Talent Acquisition Metrics

For quite some time now, recruiting organizations have been capturing and monitoring performance......

Dec 01, 2015

Look at the Windshield, Glance at the Rearview Mirror

For many years now, recruiting, talent management, and HR professionals have been using metrics.......

Dec 01, 2015

Top Reasons to Shift to a Data-Driven HR Model

There’s a shift happening in the HR industry. The shift is from a traditional reliance on......

Sep 03, 2015

All Data is Not Created Equal

There is a staggering amount of data available today to decision makers. According to one estimate,......

Sep 01, 2015

Measure What Matters

Talent analytics and big data are hot topics right now. At DCR TrendLine, we’ve been talking......

Apr 01, 2015

Be Intentional

No matter what business publications you read, not a week goes by without seeing an article about......

Mar 01, 2015

Things to Watch in Big Data

Over the last couple of years, big data has been one of the biggest trends to emerge. Most companies......

Mar 01, 2015

Wisdom Comes From Putting Things Together

There is a well-known quote from John A. Morrison about the difference between obtaining knowledge......

Jan 01, 2015

What Metrics are Staffing Firms Tracking

Staffing and recruiting firms, along with their client companies, recognize the importance of......

Nov 01, 2014

6 Talent Acquisition Metrics to Tune Into

With human capital management taking center stage in corporate strategy, measuring the performance......

Jul 01, 2014

Predictive Analytics Applied in HR

Gartner expects the market for big data and analytics to generate $3.7 trillion in products and......

Jul 01, 2014

Big Data in the Workforce: Taming the Data Beast is Crucial for Survival

The application of big data in the workforce industry is gaining momentum as the gap between skills......

Jul 01, 2013

An Insight on Workforce Keywords via Web Analytics & Social Media

The below graph shows those entities with the word “workforce” tagged who have received......

Apr 01, 2013

Social Media Strategy and Metrics & Measurement

Social media has revolutionized the transition of communication from the slow-paced conventional......

Mar 01, 2013

Applying Unstructured Data Analytics to Customer Feedback Data

Spreadsheet or database driven analysis has been around for a long time, and last month in DCR......

Feb 01, 2013

Unstructured Data Analysis: From Mystery to Magic

Competing on analytics has spawned poster-boys in the tech boom. Agile, early adopter of new......

Jan 01, 2013

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