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April 01, 2016

Industry Highlight: Healthcare Index – April 2016

The U.S. economy added a better than expected 242,000 jobs in February, and the healthcare industry contributed the most to these job gains, adding 57,000 new positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), hospitals have added 181,000 jobs over the past 12 months. Recent reports indicate that the healthcare industry is poised to become the largest sector in the U.S. Over 2015, the healthcare industry...

December 01, 2014

Roundup of Our 2014 Workforce Predictions

At the end of 2013, DCR TrendLine provided our prediction of workforce trends we expected to be of importance in 2014. Now as we approach the end of 2014, we take a look at some of these predictions to determine what happened over the course of the year. In 2014, we witnessed a shifting of the workforce, with a new generation of workers arising as Baby Boomers start to retire and a movement away from conventional...

May 01, 2014

ACA Driving Demand (and Confusion) for Staffing Firms

In 2013, staffing firms hired 11 million temporary and contract workers. The American Staffing Association predicts that over the next ten years the U.S. staffing industry will grow at a faster pace and add more new jobs than most other industries. One factor driving the demand for temporary workers is employers’ desire for more flexibility in matching their payroll to their revenue in an uncertain economy and...

May 01, 2014

Industry Highlight: Healthcare Index

According to a survey by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, more than 5.4 million adults have gained health insurance since the start of enrollment in ACA through early March 2014. Source: U.S. News The DCR TrendLine Healthcare Employment Index is based on a variety of micro-economic parameters including total non-farm employment, civilian unemployment rate, total non-farm job openings, and personal saving rate. It uses...

April 01, 2014

What’s Trending in the Temp Market? Q2 of 2014

At TrendLine, we’re always focused on what’s trending in anything to do with contingent workers supply and demand. This month, we are introducing a new quarterly section that focuses on consolidating our research into a list of critical trends in key talent sectors of the staffing industry. Aggressive talent sourcing and cultivation is going to be the focus of the staffing industry over the coming months....

March 01, 2014

ACA: Paving the Path of Opportunity

Due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the U.S. Congressional Budget Office forecasts that 30 million non-elderly Americans will gain insurance over 2013 to 2017. Additionally, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, elderly Americans, who consume more health care, are expected to comprise 21 percent of the U.S. population by 2035. Long-term trends point to a growing shortage of nurses, regardless of recent increases in...

March 01, 2014

Top Ten Fastest Growing Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released their predictions of what will be the fastest growing jobs over the next decade. Overall expectations call for 15.63 million jobs to be created. Coming in at number one, with a median pay of $83,580 annually and a growth rate of 53% is industrial-organizational psychologists. The expected growth in the healthcare sector, which is reflected in the number of healthcare...

May 01, 2013

Economic Recovery brings Optimism to Temp Employment

According to a Right Management survey of more than 2,000 human resource executives in 14 countries, 52% of U.S. executives said that 2013 would be a year of recovery and growth with increased investments in talent as a high priority. Hiring executives in Brazil, China and India are even more optimistic with 68% of executives in Brazil, 73% in China and 80% in India expecting recovery. According to...

March 01, 2013

DCR National Temp Wage Index - March 2013

The beginning of the year is the time when companies try to look back to predict the plan for the coming year. More than half of the companies have positive hiring sentiment.  The Temp workforce will continue to thrive with a 4-5% incremental change from 2012. A large majority of employers have plans to test out the use of contingent workforce during the current year and later convert them into permanent...

December 01, 2012

Industries with Hourly Wage Changes