September 01, 2017

Ensure Personal Connection When Using AI for HR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that’s taking the business world by storm, spreading through many verticals and niches. From predictive technology and fully-automated self-regulating processes to the ways companies manage data and market products, AI is definitely the current hot topic.

With the weaving of AI into almost every function, some executives are asking how companies can effectively utilize the full potential of tools available, while still maintaining a personal connection with their customer base and workforces. This question is particularly on the mind of HR professionals as they explore the impact that AI could have on the Human Resources industry.

There’s no denying that HR professionals need to embrace big data so that they can be prepared to adapt to technological advancements in AI. But in understanding, employing and applying the disruptions brought about by technological advances, HR also needs to keep the “human” part of “human resources” in sight. For example, while employers can use technologies and soft wares that work as enablers to find the best applicant for positions faster, there still needs to be a traditional recruiter in place who provides the “human” element.

Here are some ways that HR can ensure that they are able to extract all the benefits from AI technologies while maintaining a personal connection:

  1. Improved recruitment: AI can help acquire basic analysis-focused data on individuals during the hiring process. Using natural language processing for predictive analytics, AI can help make the recruitment process faster by weeding out undesirable candidates and committing less mistakes
  2. Workflow Automation: AI can be used to automate processes such as interview scheduling, employee performance reviews, employee on-boarding and answering basic HR questions.
  3. Prediction Models: Predication models are important for improving productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness for any department. HR can use AI to analyze turnover rates, internal engagement levels, and to predict any unforeseen problems that might take months to visibly surface.
  4. Reducing Hiring Biases: For the HR function, a key goal of AI is to help build stronger and more diverse workforces. This means using data to train the AI to be as unbiased as possible.