January 01, 2016

Don’t Just Do Social, Be Social

There’s no denying that establishing a social media presence is a must-do for companies of all sizes. Thanks to technology and the growth of social media, businesses have the ability to connect with a large number of people, regardless of where they are located in the world. With instant messaging tools, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels, the popularity of communicating virtually has grown significantly over the past few years. Experts agree that there is no doubt that this trend will continue.

For businesses, social media is a valuable tool to help raise market awareness and get discovered by potential customers through regular engagement and sharing of information. However, with almost every company, and competitors, using social media to try and capture potential customers’ attention, it is no longer enough to just be on social media. Companies today have to go beyond just establishing a social media presence to actually being social.

For talent acquisition professionals, this means using social media for more than just finding and sourcing candidates for job openings. It involves engaging in a conversation with top talent and promoting the company’s employer brand.

Social Media For Recruiting Today

Back in 2010, 78 percent of recruiters used LinkedIn to find candidates. In 2015, this percentage has risen to 95 percent. Similarly, in 2010, only 14 percent of recruiters posted jobs on Twitter. Today that figure is also up to 95 percent. The potential for employee referrals on Twitter has grown from 16 percent in 2010 to 93 percent in 2015.

In addition to just posting jobs and finding potential candidates, savvy recruiters and hiring managers are using social media as a way to vet candidates. In 2015, 93 percent of HR managers said they have searched for applicants on social sites, and 55 percent said they’ve considered a candidate based on content found on their social media accounts. 

Tactics Used by Recruiters, By Network

Tactics used by recruiters

Source: Social Talent

A recent study by Social Talent found that high performing recruiters spend less time searching for candidates. Compared to average performing recruiters, they use Linkedin Advanced Search four times as often, and utilize Boolean search strings twice as often. By creating searches that contain all the keywords relevant to the role they’re recruiting for, these recruiters are able to find a smaller number of more relevant results, with candidates possessing the right skills and experience.

The study also found that high performing recruiters spend their mornings engaging and communicating with candidates. They leverage social media to build a personal and company brand online, and ultimately build trust with potential talent. This trust leads to better candidate response rates and conversions. 

Optimizing Tweets For Talent Acquisition

In September 2015, Twitter surpassed LinkedIn as the number one social network for sales professionals. This is partly because Twitter offers the ability to research and engage with people that one is not already connected to in real-time. For recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, Twitter offers a great opportunity to source candidates using advanced search functionality, to share job postings, and connect with candidates in a casual and social way.

Below are some tips on optimizing tweets to attract potential talent:

Keep Tweets Short: While Twitter has a character limit of 140, experts recommend keeping tweets between 110-120 characters. This makes it easier for others to retweet and share with their networks and communities.

Use Hashtags: The average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes. Hashtags allow recruiters to reach a targeted network that may or may not be following them. Recruiters can use hashtags by job type like #contentwriter, city name like #miami, or the #job hashtags to let other Twitter users know that the tweet contains information about a job or job opening.  A popular trend among employers is to create a company specific hashtag that encourages the sharing my members of the recruiting team and employees.

Twitter Job Cards: Twitter job cards provide the option of extending the life of a tweet. These are paid options that work with Twitter under their ad platform or through a variety of job boards. Twitter job cards allow tweets to live longer, graphics to be customized, and tweets to be targeted with the ability to go beyond the 140-character limit.

Don’t Overshare: It’s considered bad form to overwhelm users with hundreds of tweets. Many consider it a form of spam. Rather, recruiters should highlight or spotlight featured jobs 1-5 times per day to optimize visibility.

Personalize Message: To truly leverage social media, recruiters should aim to build relationships and engagement. Personalizing the message helps in this regards. Answering candidate questions, engaging in conversation using Twitter chat or using trending hashtags helps to increase visibility and reach new candidate communities.

Visuals: Buffer, a social media tool, found that tweets that contain images had an 18 percent higher click rate. Adding images to a tweet helps to visualize your message or tell a story about the company.

Optimizing a Tweet

Optimizing a Tweet

Source: Blogging4Jobs