December 01, 2015

DCR TrendLine in 2015

In 2015, DCR TrendLine has covered a large array of topics. In this article, we look back at the trends we focused on the most heavily this year.

Talent Analytics

Talent analytics and big data have been hot topics throughout 2015. Through our articles this year, we’ve discussed what talent analytics actually is, how it can be used to improve business decisions, and common mistakes that can occur when using big data.

Southeast Asia Talent Trends

Throughout the year, DCR TrendLine has highlighted a different ASEAN country each month, looking at its employment and economic trends and labor market. Through our research, we uncovered that the largest challenges facing the employment markets of these countries include wide diversity, a gap in leadership, and a large imbalance between hiring volumes and hiring budgets.

Distributed Work

A growing number of workers, especially specialized consultants and leaders, divide their time among multiple locations at companies or client organizations. Throughout the year, we have followed this trend and provided insight on the types of roles that support remote work, the growth of flexible work arrangements, and the benefits gained from remote work.


Over the past few years, and especially in 2015, freelancing has become an enormous part of the work landscape, with a recent report by the Freelancers Union revealing that there are 53 million people doing freelance work in the United States. DCR TrendLine has been keeping an eye on this group of workers, and has published articles revealing the advantages and pitfalls of freelancing, the type of jobs that are conducive to freelancing, and freelance talent demand and supply.

Wage Growth

Starting with the implementation of new minimum wages in multiple states in January of 2015, DCR TrendLine has been researching wage trends throughout the year. We have followed wage growth across industries, tracking employment and hourly wages by sector, and wage growth across states. Additionally, each month, we provide insight on wage trends for the temporary workforce market with the DCR National Temp Wage Index.

HR Technology

Over the course of 2015, we’ve written more than a few articles on the growing HR technology market, including investment into the space, the types of systems that companies are adopting, and the utilization of contingent workforce management solutions. We have also followed the changes in the talent management software market, including the shift from talent to people management.

Talent Acquisition

At DCR TrendLine, we’ve written many times about how recruitment is an evolving industry, especially today with the advances in technology and social media. Throughout the year, we have been observing key trends in the global recruiting industry including the application of marketing strategies to talent acquisition, digital tools, big data analytics, and employer branding.