Mar 01, 2013

DCR National Temp Wage Index - March 2013

DCR National Temp Wage Index

The beginning of the year is the time when companies try to look back to predict the plan for the coming year. More than half of the companies have positive hiring sentiment.  The Temp workforce will continue to thrive with a 4-5% incremental change from 2012.

A large majority of employers have plans to test out the use of contingent workforce during the current year and later convert them into permanent employees.

Within the temp segment, IT and health care will see a growth as well as continuous demand with 13% and 8% respectively.

Nearly 13 million people head to work as temporary and contract employees each year.  There are an increasing number of areas where the demand for skilled positions is growing much faster than the supply.  For example, hospitals and other health care organizations are working hard this year to get qualified talent in the door. Employers are willing to pay higher wages to attract the right candidate.

“The results of the latest Snapshot indicate greater stability throughout the international staffing sector. Feedback from our clients across the globe suggests that many are under pressure to do more with fewer resources.” ~ Tony Goodwin, CEO of Antal