Jul 01, 2014

Bridging the Skills Gap in the IT Industry

For many years, companies have been turning to alternative solutions to permanent hiring to fill information technology (IT) positions in their workforce. A new survey from Sologig and Harris Poll for CareerBuilder asked hiring managers in the IT industry to explain their recruiting challenges. Many pointed to gaps in expectations around wages, shifting technology, and above entry-level job requirements as the reasons for the skills gap in the industry.

What’s Causing the Skills Gap?

What’s Causing the Skills Gap?

Source: Sologig and CareerBuilder

Bridging the Gap

The IT Skills Gap, The Difference Between Hires and Job Openings

the it skills gap

Source: BLS

To bridge the skills gap, IT hiring managers are increasingly engaging contingent workers. TEKsystems, an IT staffing solutions provider, says that 25 to 35 percent of IT leaders expect that contingent labor will make up between 11 and 25 percent of their overall IT workforce by 2018. The same study found that 69 percent of IT leaders believe that contingent labor is critical to the success of their organization’s business operations. However, 58 percent say that finding contingent workers that meet company needs is difficult.

IT leaders also struggle with aligning their contingent labor strategy with company-wide workforce planning strategy. More than one in ten IT leaders say their use of contingent labor is not defined, and only 11 percent say that their HR department understands their contingent workforce needs.

Additionally, only nine percent believe that their HR department has the expertise to effectively source contingent worker and 6 percent believe that HR has domain-expertise to effectively screen candidates.

Top Staffing Challenges

A different study by Sologig and CareerBiulder in March 2014 revealed that the top staffing challenges in information technology staffing are related to the retention and recruitment of high-skill talent.

IT Hiring Managers’ Top Staffing Challenges

IT Hiring Managers

Source: CareerBuilder and Sologig

“At the pace certain programming and development skills evolve, there’s no silver bullet for recruiting tough-to-fill technology jobs. Employers have to constantly evaluate their talent needs through workforce planning and ensure their compensation is competitive enough to attract top talent. IT workers, meanwhile, must always be polishing their existing competencies and acquiring new ones to stay relevant.” ~Eric Presley, Chief Technology Officer at CareerBuilder