Oct 01, 2012

As Temporary Employment Rises, so Does Staffing Stock

Temporary employment has increased by 9,300 in September, whereas the permanent workforce has declined by 536,000. The incremental change in temporary workforce is not only due to the increase in demand, but also the skepticism of businesses towards permanent hiring because of the long-term commitment involve.

Supplementing this is that most executives are optimistic towards adding new permanent jobs in the future, probably due to lack of clarity on taxes and other regulations by the federal government. An interesting note is the 582,000 jump in the number of Americans who want full-time jobs but are currently working part time.

Healthcare, sales, information technology, and engineering temporary jobs are the hottest at the moment. According to Rebecca Cody, Senior Assistant Director at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte’s career center, those applying for temporary jobs should be flexible in terms of their job search, current job profile, and past experience.

Apart from gaining acceptance from recruiter’s companies, temporary workforce requirements especially help fresh college graduates, who need to bolster their professional experience.

"Businesses are hiring part-time workers, and many of these are indeed temporary because companies do not have any long-term commitments nor do employees in many cases have an intention of staying long-term," ~ Sung Won Sohn, economics professor at California State University Channel Islands in Camarillo, California