DCR is dedicated to helping clients maximize the contribution of their extended workforce. DCR provides the technology and expertise required to analyze, understand and act on all aspects of contingent talent management helping clients achieve highly efficient workforce procurement and management transactions.

About DCR Trendline

Each month the DCR Market Intelligence Editorial Staff publishes a new edition of DCR TrendLine, a cutting-edge report offering temporary workforce insight. DCR TrendLine provides trends over time, geography, categories, and other spend management related parameters for different industries. We publish thoughtful and analytical articles on industry patterns as well as valuable comprehensions into today's workplace economy and its impact on HR trends. Metrics usually vary from company to company and there are several statistics and trends delivered on employment, labor, etc. by different sources. However, a holistic approach to category management when it comes to contingent workforce as well as the ability to generate trends that provide actionable information is hard to find. DCR TrendLine supports managerial decision-making by providing up-to-date analysis that can be practically leveraged to evaluate and improve outcomes of daily professional activities. At DCR TrendLine, we track, analyze and report on developments in the contingent workforce industry. Our coverage goes beyond the United States, keeping you informed of employment market conditions around the globe. DCR TrendLine provides our readers data-driven analysis on a wide range of topics related to managing a contingent workforce including market-based wages for key positions, the hottest hiring sites, and the impact that regulations will have on organizations. The content in DCR TrendLine is for informational purposes only and cannot be construed as specific legal advice or as a substitute for competent legal advice. The articles reflect the opinions of DCR Workforce and many not reflect the opinions of any individual attorney. Do contact an attorney for advice specific to your issue or problem.


The DCR National Temp Wage Index is developed to assess the relative movements of temporary wage rates in the U.S. economy. The wage rates for temporary workers or contingent workforce are based on payments made by staffing firms to those workers centered upon hours works. Data collected from sources such as Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and other government sites as well as an internal pool of staffing companies and consultants, is aggregated and classified based on regions and skill categories, to arrive at an aggregate index. The baseline for the index is set at 100 for January 2007. Index value for a particular month indicates relative wages with the said baseline and is representative in terms of direction and scale of change. Five years of data has been included to observe seasonal patterns and distinguish seasonality from long-term wage movements. The data and model is periodically refined. The DCR National Temp Wage Index combines the exhaustive data from BLS with practical and more recent developments and data from on-field consultants and clients, to provide timely near-term indications of trends and consistent long-term actionable and objective information.


DCR TrendLine indexes and analyses use multiple economic variables to ensure the robustness of its forecasts and cross-validation of trends.

Key data sources and parameters of interest included in and influencing the index and research are:

  • Unemployment data
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Prime rate of interest
  • New and seasonal job openings
  • Non-farm employment
  • Job openings
  • All exports
  • All imports
  • Average Hourly Earnings of all Employees, Total, Private
  • Aggregate Consultant data on job market parameters