Oct 01, 2014

9 Sports Related Jobs with High Growth

When discussing sports-related employment, the focus is often on the quarterbacks and coaches or even the sideline commentators; however, sports-related jobs span a wide range of occupations, and some of them are growing rapidly.

Since 2010, jobs across all sports-related industries are up 12.6 percent, more than double the growth in the national job market. Average wages in these occupations also surpasses the national average of $57,947 at $78,455.

Sports-related employment is particularly important as it often has a strong multiplier effect by creating job growth in other areas beyond athletics. According to a report by CareerBuilder and Economic Model Specialists Intl (EMSI), 100 new sports-related jobs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have the potential of creating $46.2 million in earnings for the city along with 422 new jobs in healthcare, sales, food preparation and service, and construction. 

Certain sports-related industries have seen strong growth in employment over the past four years. For example, agents and managers have seen a growth of 16.8%; promoters of performing arts, sports, and similar events with facilities of 30.4%; and sports teams and clubs of 8.6%

Sports-Related Jobs with High Growth

Sports Employment by Occupation

Sports Employment by Occupation

Source: CareerBuilder

Athletes and coaches are far from the only occupations that are supported by the sports industry.  Actually, these professions have seen the least growth compared to other sports-related employment, with coaches and scouts gaining 7% more jobs, and athletes and sports competitors growing by 3%. Several occupations have experienced substantial employment gains since 2010 due to sports-related industries.

  1. Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners – 39% Growth
  2. Concierges – 37% Growth
  3. Audio and Video Equipment Technicians – 27% Growth
  4. Public Address System and Other Announcers – 24% Growth
  5. Agents and Business Managers – 23% Growth
  6. Producers and Directors – 21% Growth
  7. Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers – 19% Growth
  8. Janitors and Cleaners – 17% Growth
  9. Security Guards – 16% Growth
“Sports is a major part of our culture and a key economic driver in cities nationwide. The growth in sports-related jobs since 2010 is notably higher than that of the national average for all jobs, indicating a greater investment in one of America’s favorite pastimes.” ~Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder