October 01, 2015

2015 Global Recruiting Trends

At DCR TrendLine, we’ve written many times about how recruitment is an evolving industry, especially today with the growth of technology and social media. Everything from the way the candidates are sourced to how jobs are advertised has changed in the last few years.

In 2015, we’ve been observing the key trends in the global recruiting market. Social media has given companies the opportunity to access and connect with candidates with more ease than ever before. Digital marketing tools make it simpler and faster to target the right talent for positions. Mobile devices have become the preferred method for many candidates who are applying for jobs. We’ve seen the growing importance of employer brand in attracting top talent.  Additionally, big data analytics is enabling talent acquisition professionals to store, access, and process candidate information quickly and cheaply.

A LinkedIn survey found that while sourcing high skilled talent is a top priority for most companies, smaller firms are more likely to prioritize recruiting skilled talent and improving quality of hire, while larger companies focus on diversity recruiting.

The survey also showed that 53 percent of respondents believe that improved job matching to candidates will have a big impact on the industry in the next five to ten years. Also, 46 percent said that recruitment would become more marketing inspired, with the use of big data to predict future talent needs.

Key Global Recruiting Trends in 2015

Key Global Recruiting Trends in 2015

Source: Linkedin